Direct fired

Heat source is an open flame , proportionally controlled atmospheric burner which has the following advantages


    100 % EFFICIENCY of heat transfer

    Even more than hundred since it burns the solvent evaporating from the paint

    Very precise temperature control

    Reduction in VOC emission ( burned in circulation )

    quick heat transfer and fast start up of the oven



In this type of heating system , the heat is transferred to the circulation air via a heat exchanger and the heating medium does not come into contact with the circulation air.Mainly  two types of exhange systems are used :


    Thermoblock heat exchanger ( flame to air ) comprising of a combustion chamber made of AISI321 stainless steel and the exchanger designed to suit the need. Heat transfer efficiency of this system is around 85 - 90 %. It can operate utilizing natural gas, LPG, diesel, etc liquid or gas fuels

    air to heating fluid type heat exhangers with copper/ steel pipes and aluminum fins in general . This system can utilize LP or HP hot water, steam , thermal oil etc. heating fluidsOverall efficiency is lower but the precion is higher in this system

    we are working on solar panels in our R&D dept